A little bit about myself.

Hi, I'm Phil Rogers and I'm a multi award winning Photographer from Rhos on Sea, North Wales. I've been into photography from way back in the mists of time - well the 1960's anyway. I started using my parent's Kodak Box Brownie, progressing to the digital kit I use today. I started photographing weddings in 1988 just for a few friends and colleagues - it was usually a case of: "You've got a camera, will you photograph our wedding?"

It seemed that people wanted to pay me to photograph their special day so in 2008, when I retired from my day job, I took up wedding photography professionally. I've won 75 national awards for my photography and even had several images accepted into local exhibitions as well as national and international photography salons.

Coming from a Policing background, I've always had to be organised and this has continued into my photography career. You will find that when I arrange to meet you, I'll always be on time but usually, I'll be early.

My contact details are:

Mobile: 07912 326021

Email: philrogersphoto@gmail.com