Autumn 2021 Offer!

Valid until 30th November 2021 so hurry to avoid disappointment. All day wedding photography from you and your partner getting ready until the 1st dance with not one BUT two professional photographers. No limit on the number of images taken during our time with you and all final images from the day sent by digital transfer ready for printing and sharing. North Wales weddings only and full payment is required on booking. No limit on the number of couples eligible for this offer and includes all weddings for the remainder of 2021 and all of 2022 but hurry as the offer expires on 30/11/21. Usual price, £1,000.00, offer price, £800.00. Further T&C's apply, contact me for more details and to book my services. or 07912 326021. Weekends only at present but I do have some mid week availability at certain times of the year. This is not available with any other current offers. By answering one simple question, one lucky couple chosen completely at random will get a further £50.00 off.

The real cost of wedding photography.

I'm often asked why wedding photography using a professional photographer is so expensive and why can't I just ask a friend who happens to own a camera. Using a professional photographer will give you peace of mind as they will have invested a lot of time and money on training, professional camera kit, insurance etc. Your friend or friend of a friend will more than likely own an entry level camera and lens (unless of course your friend etc., is a professional photographer). But for the purposes of this blog entry, lets just assume they're basically a hobbyist photographer with a £200.00 camera and lens - I've actually seen a "wedding photographer" using a bridge camera to capture a wedding, great for wide to close up shots you may think but with such a long zoom range, you will always compromise on image quality (IQ) especially in low light.

My main cameras and lenses are capable of capturing superior quality images from the brightest day to the darkest wedding venue - and I have been in some really dark wedding venues with some really challenging light! Your friend's cheap camera and lens just won't cut it in those circumstances.

The average cost of wedding photography using a professional photographer in the UK in 2019/2020 was £1,590.00 and that's without an album. The price will of course vary from region to region. I know of some photographers who charge from £10,000.00 as a starting price. You also have to realise that for some photographers, wedding photography may be their only source of income and have to meet mortgage/rent commitments, insurance, household bills, holiday pay etc., and remember if they're self employed, they're not entitled to sick pay. They may only have a dozen or so weddings a year as well. I'm in the fortunate position of having a private pension and a small part time income as well as income from photography and that's one of the reasons, I can keep my prices at a reasonable rate.

If you want to know more about the real cost of wedding photography, then just follow this link:

Covid 19 effects on Weddings.

With Covid 19 taking its toll on life in general and Wedding Photography in particular, my diary for wedding bookings for the latter half of 2021 and most of 2022 is filling up quickly, some bookings from 2021 are being postponed until 2022 plus several new bookings for 2022. There are some in the industry who will take advantage and push their prices up as demand for Wedding Photographers increases. This is where I'm different, the prices you see on my website are guaranteed not to rise until at least the end of 2022 and all you need to do to guarantee your price is to pay your 20% booking fee within 10 days of our intial meeting with the remaining balance not due until 4 weeks before the wedding, even if your wedding is in 2023 and beyond. The booking fee is not something you pay extra, it's just to guarantee your date.

Wedding Photography.

I honestly believe that you shouldn't choose your wedding photographer based on price alone - cheaper isn't always better. You should love their style of photography and most importantly, be able to get on with them, after all, they'll be with you all day. And my advice is always book a professional photographer and make sure they have insurance.

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."

Red Adair - famous for fighting oil well fires.

Don't listen to advice given by certain Bridal magazines, some of which advise: "Only choose your photographer if they shoot with Canon or Nikon and full format!"

There are other brands out there, all of which are capable of capturing stunning images but it's the work done afterwards that really counts - in the post processing stage. I'm one of the increasing number of wedding photographers that use mirrorless cameras.

My camera system of choice is the Micro Four Thirds system developed jointly by Panasonic and Olympus. I use three Panasonic cameras, the Lumix G9, Panasonic's Flagship stills camera (I don't do video - I leave that to those in the know) and will have a 30mm prime lens on, I'll have a Lumix G81 with another prime lens - this time a 12mm for wider group shots and a low sweeping view of the venue. For occasions when I'm stuck at the back of the venue with my tripod as I often have been and with my movements restricted, I have a Lumix G6 with a longer lens so I can capture the event without interrupting the flow of the ceremony. My longer lens will also be perfect for capturing those candid moments.

Full format! No, such thing, there's full frame, half frame, medium format and cropped format -2x in the case of Lumix cameras so for example a 30mm lens on one of my cameras is equivalent to around 60mm in 35mm film format. There are other formats but Full format simply doesn't exist!